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Gifts are awesome. Old or young, they both love it. And they both deserve it! You don’t always need to buy a expensive gift though. The more important thing is; do they like it?

Thats why here we are with 19 of the best gifts for astronomy lovers in India.

By gifting, the relations are automatically improved.

According to the New York Times columnist, John Tierney; “A perfect gift is the one they ask for!

And if you don’t ask them, at least try choosing something that relates to their passion or interests. Say for example; If they are passionate about space. Then below best gifts for astronomy lovers are of help. You can also give them one of this 9 greatest astronomy book we have here.

Anyway, lets roll over to the listing. Some of this gifts are great for adults and some other for kids.

16 Best Gifts for Astronomy Lovers in India

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1. Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Space Pen with Clip - Matte Black, Gift Boxed (400BCL)

Imagine yourself as a astronaut, travelling to the unknown. So you are popular now and people are going crazy for your autograph. At situations like this, a ordinary pen can’t be of help.

You need something that match your personality. Like Fisher! A buttery smooth bullet like shape. Pen that writes fast, at any angle and must work even at zero gravity. Only imported ink like in this pen can do that. Its a perfect premium thing for premium in them.

Amazon.in | Flipkart.com

2. Space Protector Skin Decal Sticker for PS4

Space Protector Skin Decal Sticker for PS4

Do they have a gaming console, one like PS4. If so, you can consider this cool space themed skin decal for them.
The decal has attractive nebula and space dust printed on it. Made up from high quality strong material that protect console from scratches and dust burst. So the console has longer life.

And its even easier to install and remove. Leaves no bubbles and nor does it fades. Give it a charming personality. All for very little price.


3. Master Projector With Usb (Turn Any Room Into A Starry Sky)

Master Projector With Usb Wire Turn Any Room Into A Starry Sky Colorful Romantic LED Cosmos

Own your personal universe. The high quality master projector sprey the moon and stars all over your room. It help reducing stumbling and let you enjoy the party. For home and for your bedroom.

If counting sheep is no longer effective. Try counting stars! And you may improve your knowledge of universe in the process as well. It projects the most true to life view of universe at such a affordable price.


4. 297 PCS Space Shuttle Satellite Rocket

Space Shuttle Satellite Rocket Thematic Educational Block Construction Toy with Astronaut Model Mini Figures

For a true space lover its a dream to travel in space for at least once . Well I can’t help you with that.

The 297 Pcs space shuttle satellite rocket encourage the creativity of the little fellow. Its one of the most realistic set of models.


5. DIY Glow In The Dark Solar System Planetarium Model

DIY Glow In The Dark Solar System Planetarium Model

Whats better than playing fun game and learning the universe in the process? Yeah its a rare phenomenon. But that’s what you get with this cool planetarium model.

The DIY kit challenges your creativity while keeping you busy. Neon makes it glow. Set your own personal solar system in the motion. Its can also be used as a showpiece. Trust me, its best treat for your loved one..

Amazon | Flipkart

6. Graphic Print Men’s Round Neck Black hole T-Shirt

GeekDawn Graphic Print Men's Round Neck Black T-Shirt

Black hole is one of the most thrilling happening in the known universe. They have been exciting for every cosmos lover. Guess how much thrilling it will be when you wear them on your chest?

High quality printing on best in class fabric make the look stunning. And all this is coming for the most reasonable price. That makes it the best gift for astronomy lovers.


7. GUI Kids Unisex Cotton Tshirt

GUI Kids Unisex Cotton Tshirt

Space loving parents usually raise space loving kids. Then how about the space themed t-shirt.

Theres nothing better than gifting them this very attractive t-shirt filled with beautiful solar system. Its the combination of luxurious clothing material with top notch printing.

So lets make your kid look cool like a astroMAN! More on Space themed t shirts here.

Amazon |

8. Nikon 8248 10×50 Binocular [Hot]

Nikon 8248 ACULON A211 10x50 Binocular (Black)

Whats a better to gift than something that they would love?  What if they are able to improve upon their interest cause of you. So here we are with a most popular Nikon astronomy binoculars and that sells like hotcakes. Don’t you believe? ->Heres the proof of over 830+ reviews with 4.5/5 ratings on amazon global.

Powered by 50mm of aperture, this 10×50 is a most amazing thing for stargazing. At a affordable price this definitely would be one of the best gift for your loved. More Nikon stargazing binoculars here.

Find it on amazon India yourself and see if its of your type.

9. PowerSeeker 50 AZ Refractor Telescope

Best Telescope in India for Beginners within budget in indiaGive them the most essential weapon in arsenal of any astronomers. The Celestron 50mm Az is the most popular budget telescope in India. For everything including sneaking into the wonders of moon’s craters to taking a glimpse of planets and more.

Its a inevitable bet for all of that. Quick and easy with no tool set-up needed. Its suitable even for kids! More beginners telescopes here.

See Pricing and other info here

10. COSMOS by Carl Sagan

Cosmos by Carl Sagan book

Leaders are readers! The Cosmos is considered to be one of the best non-fiction science themed book ever. And Carl Sagan? He was the superman to our community.

The 13 chapter reading explains the hardcore topics of universe in a way that is easy even on a layman.
It will take you on a fascinating journey which discusses various critical aspects like the anthropological, cosmological, biological, historical and astronomical matters. The book compliments the popular TV show of the same name.

So just gift them with one of the top selling astronomy book by Sagan. And see the much more expensive happiness on there face than the actual price you  paid.

See Price and what other readers are saying about this book here

11. 4.5″ Jupiter MOVA Globe

4.5 Jupiter MOVA Globe

Its not just a Jupiters globe. More than that, its a magical globe! Why? You know it even rotates. And best part, it doesn’t even need a battery.

It is driven by a alien technology which helps it rotate when the light falls on it. And it stops in dark. But thats not all to the story. As you can see in the image, the globe is very detailed and features everything we know about the planet. So its a coolest conversation starter at home.

Amazon.com | Flipkart.com

12. Solar System Boys 100% Silk Astronomy Planets Tie

Solar System Boys 100% Silk Astronomy Planets

It may be presentation in the school or is it a farewell party. This sexy skyfi tie gives you a classy look.

Filled with love from all over the universe, its the perfect choice for space loving dudes.



13. Galaxy Bedding 3D Printed Cloud Quilt Comforter Sets

Galaxy Bedding Sets 3D Printed Cloud Quilt Comforter Sets

As comforting as the dark sky. Made from best in class fabric. The galaxy bedding is built to deliver you the most satisfying sleep. So you wake up more fresh and rejuvenated.

Its suitable for kids, adults and olds. They just need to be fan of universe.

Amazon Global | Flipkart


14. Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug

Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug Heat Sensitive Porcelain Tea Cup

Surprise your buddies with a wonderful magic. When you pour them some hot drink in a magical mug. They will just be left stunned.

Its a special kind of mug. At normal temperature, its just blank from the outerside. The show starts when you pour some hot coffee. See the whole solar system bounded to your cup. For coffee lovers and for astronomy lovers. This mug is for you all.

Amazon Global | Amazon India | Amazon (Standard mug) | Flipkart

15. Amazing Universe 15 Vinyl Laptop Skin (cheapest)

Laptop skin is not just a sticker. It protect your lappy from scratches. Made from high  built in material. The skin doesn’t fade and its scratch proof as well.

Amazing Universe skin gives your laptop a personality. It help making your laptop standout in crowd. The premium quality printing makes the look 3d.


16. Vangoddy Sunrise Universe De Women Legging

Vangoddy Sunrise Universe De Women S Full Length Legging Tights

One size fits all. The stylish full length leggings features a unique De with vibrant colors. With a full length exterior and a double stitched waistline band for ensured longevity. The space cool leggings keeps you warm and stylish whether you’re out at the mall or just lounging around at home.


17. Tote Top Handle Universe Galaxy Ladies Handbag

Women Large Tote Top Handle Shoulder Bags Universe Galaxy Space Stars Patern Ladies Handbag

Use this stylish Bag for an overnight trip or for toting your essentials to the gym and back home. This large versatile beach tote easily folds into half the size for an easy carrying option!

Made from lightweight nylon with PU leather handle. The beautiful various prints are a must have this season. There is plenty of room to carry all of your necessities. Featuring a double-handle and zipper closure. Its a must buy for your sky crazy lady.


18. Outer Space Fine Art Print Wall Decor 8.5 x 11

Outer Space Universe Galaxy Fine Art Print Wall Decor 8.5 x 11

We love surrounding ourself with the things full of goodness. Professional quality 8.5″ x 11″ print of a fantasy cosmos including a planet, nebula, and stars in outer space.

Artwork is printed to the edge on top quality acid-free archival glossy paper that brings out the rich colors of the image. Signed on the back by the artist. It is a perfect item to decorate your walls with.

Amazon Global

19. Rawpockets Our Solar System Wall Poster

Rawpockets 'Our Solar System' Wall Poster

Suitable for home, office and room. Printed on a durable paper. Its the coolest wall decor in the list so far.

The very reason I like it is the quality. And this wonderful poster is coming for a very decent price.


You have just saw 19 best gifts for astronomy peoples. I can’t guarantee to satisfy you, but I hope it was at least of some help to you.
And just comment below if you have any type of concerns that you would like me to help you with. I would really love to be of some use.

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