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Its a cosmos enthusiast Roshan & AlienPanda is a most awaited creation. Dedicated to ever-exciting, the mind boggling “Astronomy”. Why Astronomy? The definition of a blog to me is to write about what you’re passionate about.

I’m a undergraduate physics student. Frankly speaking, I always like to drive my imagination to the mysterious of universe. And I it more than anything else. I may not be trying to become another “Einstein!”. I only love trying to understand-what would it may feel like being on a far distant planet all alone? Or How would Black Hole really look like? What if I get inside? And so!

I’m never bored of reading & learning and watching & doing anything related to Astronomy.

I built this blog so that I could connect to other cool similar-interest-people like you. Giving birth to AlienPanda was also for the purpose of sharing my thoughts about it.

Since I enjoy learning it, I try to put my knowledge & experience into use. There are thousands of types of Cosmological telescopes, books & other materials available in the market. It can become very daunting (in my experience) for a beginner to choose the ones that suits his needs.

I’ll provide recommendation on Astronomy related products!
Unfortunately I can’t experience all product in the field. So, some of this reviewed products are my self-experience. Other are those-I feel, are best, on the basis of my knowledge & research I would’ve done.

I always do research from the source I trust-So your money is spent well! On AlienPanda, if I recommend you a product, I promisingly being unbiased. I’ll give you my genuine opinion on this products-Whether to buy this or that! I would tell you to buy only those products I actually would buy if I was in your shoe!

Why I help you? You know the saying-“Honest is the best policy”! When I recommend any product, I also would give links to the online store like Aamzon, Flipkart. So that from there you could make a easy purchase. They pay me a small commission for this which helps me maintaining the site.

For any concern, you’re always welcomed to reach my inbox at [email protected] .

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